Terms and Conditions
Last updated 1 July 2020
User should read thoroughly the whole Terms and Conditions that regulates the use of services offered by PT Ars Teknologi Indonesia (also called as “Ars.”, “Us”, “Platform”) on the use of Ars. application either the one that can be downloaded via Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as well as the official site: www.ars.place.
By accessing, registering, and/or using Ars. application and/or www.ars.place, user is considered to have read, understand, comprehend, and agree and commit oneself to obey Terms and Conditions of Ars... This Terms and Conditions is a form of agreement put into a legitimate agreement between User and PT Ars Teknologi Indonesia. If user does not agree to one, partial, or the whole content of Terms and Conditions, then user is not allowed to use service in Ars. application and www.ars.place.


  1. Ars. is an application or media platform for the subscription of exclusive content access by registered Creator, which can be downloaded on Apple App Store (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ars/id1183010181) and Google Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details id=com.gaharitechnology.Ars&hl=en), which also can be accessed on Ars. official website www.ars.place (heretofore to be called as "Site/Ars. Application").
  2. Site/Ars. Application is owned and organized by PT Ars Teknologi Indonesia, a limited liability company that is established according to and based on Law of Republic of Indonesia, located in Bandung, and work in the portal web service provision business.
  3. User is a party who uses all forms of feature and services of Ars., including but not limited to, Creator, Patron or other party who is visiting Ars. through Ars. application and/or www.ars.place site.
  4. Creator is registered User who creates, owns and/or distributes Exclusive Content to users in Site/Application of Ars..
  5. Patron is registered User who does action of paid subscription service toward certain selected Creator to be able to get access on Exclusive Content in Site/Application of Ars. within certain period of time.
  6. Content is an intangible item/digital data that has the criteria as picture, video, writing, voice and 3-D object that is made, owned and/or whose distribution rights are owned by Creator.
  7. Exclusive Content is Content that can only be accessed by Patron in the account of Creator in certain period of time.
  8. Feed is a feature in Site/Application of Ars. that shows the contents of Creators.
  9. Featured is a display on Site/Application of Ars. that shows selected Content made by Ars..
  10. Ars. Official Bank Account is a joint account agreed by Ars. and the users for subscription transaction process in Site/Application of Ars.. The account is a bank account located in Indonesia.
  11. Subscription Price is the price determined by Creator to Patron or User to be able to access Exclusive Content in Site/Application of Ars.. Creator can decide Subscription Price according to the options provided by Ars..
  12. Ars. Platform Fee is the fee given by Creator to Ars. for services used by Creator in Site/Application of Ars..
  13. Creator Gross Revenue is the fund received by Creator on payment that has been successfully done by User and/or Patron to access Exclusive Content on Site/Application of Ars.. The fund that is featured on Creator Gross Revenue is the fund that has been deducted by Transaction Fee but has yet to be deducted by Ars. Transaction Fee and Platform Fee.
  14. Creator Balance is a temporary reservation facility for fund owned by Creator (not fund saving facility), provided by Ars. to keep the fund of Creator in Site/Application of Ars.. Creator Balance will show the fund of Net Ad Revenue and Subscription Revenue after being deducted by Ars. Transaction Fee and Platfrom Fee. The Fund can only be withdrew to Creator Account that is registered by Creator and cannot be used again to do transaction in Site/Application of Ars..
  15. Transaction Fee is the fee that should be paid to service provider of online payment system.
  16. Creator Account is a bank account that is acknowledged and owned by Creator to receive fund from Creator Balance.
  17. Transfer Fee Between Banks is the switching fee that has been determined by each Bank that should be paid and be borne by User when transferring to a different destination Bank.


Ars. Service to User includes the whole features, applications, services, technologies, and softwares of Ars. as follow :
  1. We strive to create an environment that is positive, inclusive, and safe.
  2. We use all information we have, either the information that we can access through Site/Application of Ars. and/or including information that is in the future given based on approval and agreement of User to us, with the purpose to keep Service of Site/Application of Ars. secured.
  3. We develop and use technology that helps us in serving our community consistently.


  1. User hereby declares that User is a competent and able person to commit oneself in a legal agreement according to the applicable laws in Indonesia, including and not limited to, able to be responsible on Terms and Conditions of Ars..
  2. Currently, Ars. does not take registration fee to User. This policy may change in the future.
  3. In return of our commitment to provide Ars. Service, we require User to be committed and obey the clauses below as part of Ars. community.
    1. User should be of at least 13 years old or reaches the minimum age considered proper in User’s country to use Ars..
    2. User is not prohibited to receive all aspects of Ars. Service based on the valid laws to utilize Service related to payment, if User’s name in the list of prohibition.
    3. User is not a convict or sexual criminal perpetrator.
    4. User cannot disguise as another person or gives inaccurate information, unless User has received firm permission from the person.
    5. User must not violate the laws, does misleading act, deceive, or act for illegal purpose or banned activity.
    6. User must not violate (or help or encourage people to violate) this Terms and Conditions.
    7. User must not do anything that disrupt or destroy Service operation as is.
    8. User must not try to make account or access or collect information illegally.
    9. User must not try to buy, sell or transfer whichever aspect of User’s account (including User’s name) or ask, collect, or use incoming information or badge of other User.
    10. User must not post personal information, secret information, or does anything that violates the rights of other people, including intellectual property.
  4. User that has registered has the rights to act as Creator and Patron.
  5. Usage Restrictions
    Ars. may periodically check whether your content or your use of the Service violates these Terms. Please read the following carefully so that you can enjoy the Service and participate in the Ars. partner Program without any restrictions.
    1. Prohibited Actions The following actions are prohibited under any circumstances:
      1. - Continuously and repeatedly reading and/or liking episodes or series, whether manually or using tools such as macro programs;
        - Altering or modifying information collected by or provided to Ars. for operating the Service and/or the Program;
        - Failing to comply with the Agreement and/or these Terms;
        - Otherwise adversely affecting the operation of the Service and/or the Program by any illegal or harmful means; and/or
        - Clicks, discussed at Section 3.5.2 below.
    2. Invalid Clicks and Actions which Induce Them.
      Clicks on any Ad Display are assumed to be based on the interest of visitors to the Service. Repeated clicks and ‘clickbait’ phrases created by macro programs or individual users are considered ‘invalid clicks’ ("Invalid Clicks"). Ars. strictly prohibits generating or inducing Invalid Clicks by any means whatsoever, including, without limitation, as follows:
      1. - Continuously and repeatedly clicking Ad Displays;
        - Incorporating phrases, figures, images, etc. in your content which induce visitors to click Ad Displays, such as "Click this ad", "Please help", "Click the link", etc.;
        - Using email, messenger, text messaging, etc. to send messages requesting clicks; and/or
        - Using robots, automated click and exposure-generating tools, automatic web browsing, click exchange programs, or any other means to artificially generate clicks.

Account, Creator Balance, Password and Security

  1. Ars., without any notification in advance to User, has the authority to take action that is considered necessary on each violation allegation against applicable laws or violation on Terms and Conditions. The action of Ars. on User violation can be in the form of returning the fund from Patron, holding fund disbursement in Creator Balance, and/or close User’s account temporarily or permanently, or action in other forms that is required by applicable laws.
  2. Ars. has the authority to hold fund fund disbursement in Creator Balance if there is fraud in transaction and/or violation against Terms and Conditions of Ars.. User agrees that Ars. has the rights to take other action needed on that matter, including but not limited to pending or rejecting the opening of new account when there is similar data found and/or invalid data.
  3. Creator Balance only comes from the fund of Patron in Site/Application of Ars. and cannot do self addition (top up).
  4. Withdrawal of Creator Balance can only be done to Creator Account. Creator Account is a bank account registered in account of Creator and cannot be used as payment method for other transaction in Site and/or Application of Ars..
  5. Ars. has the authority to freeze Creator Balance when there is fraud found/suspected in transaction and/or violation against Terms and Conditions of Ars..
  6. Creator is banned to duplicate account, content in any form and/ or other actions that may be indicated as unhealthy business competition or violation in intellectual property of other person/agency/institution.
  7. User has the rights to do changes on account’s name as much as the opportunities given by Ars.. The number of account’s name change opportunity is an absolute authority of Ars. and therefore the policy in this issue can change anytime. User must ensure that the change on account’s name is according to the desire and personally responsible on the change of account’s name done by User. User agrees that each engagement happening before the name change still binds User.
  8. User is personally responsible to guard the safety and secrecy of personal data, User account information and password for all activities happening in User’s account.
  9. Ars. and/or its representatives will not ask password, verification code or One Time Password code owned by User for any reason, therefore Ars. requires User to guard and not give the data, information either verbal or written or other data that is considered important data to any party that acts on behalf of Ars. or other party that cannot be guaranteed on its security. Ars. is not responsible for the negligence of User in keeping the secrecy of User data and password information.
  10. User agrees to ensure that User leaves account in each end of session and informs Ars. if there is usage without permit or other suspicious activities on the account of User.
  11. User hereby declares that Ars. is not responsible on any loss or problem that arises due to misuse of User’s account caused by User’s carelessness, including but not limited to lending or giving access to account to other party, accessing link that is given by other party, giving or showing verification code, password or email to other party, or other carelessnes of User that causes loss or problem in User’s account.
  12. User understands and agrees that to use security facility of one time password (OTP), related telecommunication service provider can apply fee at any time to User in the amount that is according to the regulation of said telecommunication service provider.
Ars. may provide its own advertisements or any third parties’ advertisements to you online or offline, including but not limited to, on the Ars. Website and/or Ars. App, pursuant to the Agreement. Advertisements include, but are not limited to, the placement of promotional messages (including any related technology) for the purpose of publicizing a third party advertiser’s products or services. Advertisements may consist of text, graphics, audio and/or video or any combination thereof, and may direct a user to an external link (e.g., a landing page).

Ars. Creator Program

Ars. gives the ability of monetization to User who joins Ars. Creator Program. User has to fill in a form that will be filtered by Ars. on the feasibility as Creator.
  1. Monetization
    1. There are two ways to monetize content on Ars., advertisement and subscription.
    2. Creator must give data of Creator Account accurately and correctly.
  2. Advertisement Revenue
    1. Definition of “Ad Display”
      For purposes of these Terms, "Ad Display" means the placement of promotional messages on some or all of the inventory of your posta for the purpose of publicizing a third party advertiser’s products or services. Such Ad Display may consist of text, graphics, audio and/or video or any combination thereof, and may direct a user to an external link (e.g., a landing page).
    2. Ars. Review
      Once you have been approved to join Ars. Partner Program and requested Ad Display on one or more of your posts, Ars. will review your posts, including, without limitation, suitability of the series for Ad Display. Ars. reserves the right to approve or disapprove any requested Ad Display in its sole discretion. If your request is disapproved due to content related issues, you may reapply after revising your content in accordance with the Community Policy.
    3. Legal Rights/Ownership
      Your content is eligible for Ad Display only if you own and/or have the legal right to publish. DO NOT APPLY FOR AD DISPLAY WITH RESPECT TO ANY SERIES WHICH YOU DO NOT OWN OR HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO PUBLISH. You cannot apply for Ad Display using other creator’s original work or derivative, modified or edited works based on such other creator’s work unless creator has received written approval from the copyright owner.
    4. Availability of Advertising
      All Ad Display is subject to the availability of third party advertising in Ars. Ad Display inventory. It can be Google ads or Ars. ads.
    5. Net Ad Revenue
      "Net Ad Revenue" means that amount equal to the gross amount actually received by Ars. from the third party advertiser related to the Ad Display on your content less all operational costs and expenses of Ars., including, without limitation, fees paid to third parties.
  3. Subscription Revenue
    1. Creator can determine Subscription Price by themselves according to options provided by Ars..
  4. Creator Balance
    There are two types of fund that is shown in Creator Balance, which is fund from Net Ad Revenue and Subscription Revenue.
    1. Net Ad Revenue
      Fund that is shown in Net Ad Revenue is that amount equal to the gross amount actually received by Ars. from the third party advertiser related to the Ad Display on your content less all operational costs and expenses of Ars., including, without limitation, fees paid to third parties.
    2. Subscription Revenue
      Fund that is shown in Subscription Revenue is the fund of Creator after being deducted by Transaction Fee (fee that is given to service provider of online payment system according to payment method chosen by Patron or User) and Ars. Platform Fee.
      1. Transaction Fee can be seen on the detail of Fund Withdrawal, so that Creator can see the value of transaction that has happened transparently.
  5. Ars. Platform Fee
    1. Platform Fee that is charged by Ars. to Creator is 45% (percent) of Net Ad Revenue and 10% (percent) of Subscription Revenue .
  6. Withdrawal
    1. Creator can withdraw the fund from Creator Balance to Creator Bank Account (Rekening Bank Kreator) on the first date of each month by sending an email to withdrawal@ars.place.
    2. This fund withdrawal can be done if Creator Balance has a minimum value of IDR 250,000 on the 29th day of the previous month.
    3. The fund withdrawal process to Creator Account may need time between 1 (one) and 10 (ten) work days.
    4. There is not penalty or fine if Creator Balance has yet to reach IDR 250,000 (two hundred thousands rupiah). The fund remains to be the rights of Creator until it surpasses the minimum value for Withdrawal.
    5. For fund withdrawal with Creator Account number outside of Bank BCA, if there is an additional cost that is applied, it will be the liability of User.
    6. Creator will receive details of Withdrawal via email when the process of Withdrawal is approved by Ars..
    7. If there is any problem in fund withdrawal process, Creator can contact Ars. via email: support@ars.place.
  7. Tax
    1. Creator is responsible for all tax obligations that come from income in their participation in Ars. Creator Program.
    2. Creator is advised to consult with tax consultant when facing difficulty in fulfilling the tax obligation.
  8. Additional Regulation
    1. Ars. has the rights to modify, change and/or add regulation of Ars. Creator Program without the approval of Creator.
    2. If Creator does not agree to the regulation, Creator is adviced to discontinue Ars. Creator Program.

Community Guidelines

Ars. makes this Community Guidelines so User can help Ars. to grow and protect the community in Site/Application of Ars.. By using Ars. means User agrees to obey to this guideline and Terms and Conditions.
  1. Violation against these limits will result in content deletion, account deactivation, or other prohibitions.
  2. User only shares content that User takes themself or has the rights to share. User is banned from posting something that User copies or User gets from Internet without the rights to post.
  3. We do not allow content in any form that contains nudity element and/or pornography as stipulated in applicable laws. Based on consideration and internal policy applied by Ars., there is a possibility that if User wants to share purely artistic or creative nude photo. The nudity includes but not limited to photos, videos, and several contents that are digitally made, that show sexual intercourse, genitals and buttock area without clothes that are exposed completely. Nudity also includes several photos of female nipple. Photos of painting and statues of nude figures are allowed as long as they are allocated as art category.
  4. Ars. does not tolerate various sexual contents that involve minor or threats of posting other people’s intimate photos. Ars. will delete pictures that show nude or half nude children, for the safety, convenience and security reason of Users and community. Although the content is share with goodwill, other people may use the content in an unexpected way.
  5. User is free to not use real name, but is required to give accurate and latest information. It is not allowed to disguise as another person and not allowed to make account to violate Terms and Condictions of Ars. or meant to deceive, mislead or harm other party.
  6. User is banned to use Site/Application of Ars. for the purpose of supporting or glorifying terrorism, organized crimes, or hate spreading groups.
  7. User is strictly banned to offer illegal service/violate applicable laws, including but not limited to, sexual service, trade firearms, alcoholic drinks, tobacco products between personal individuals, and trade drugs or with doctor’s prescription.
  8. User is banned to sell live animal between personal individuals.
  9. Ars. will delete contents that contain serious threat of hate speech, content that targets personal individual to condescendor embarrass them, personal information that aims to blackmail or harass someone, and unwanted repeated messages.
  10. User is not allowed to encourage violence or attack someone based on race, etnic, country of origin, sex, sex identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or disease.
  11. User is banned from airing, placing and distributing serious threats that endanger public and personal safety. This includes threats on theft, vandalism, and other financial dangers.
  12. We will delete or deactivate account that is reported to support or urge people to hurt themselves against this supportive environment. We will also delete content that identify victim or survivor, self-harm action, or if the content is aimed to target them for attack or made into jokes.
  13. User can help the community by submitting report to us when seeing something that User thinks can violate our guideline. When completing a report, give us information as complete as possible, such as links, user’s name and content description so that we can find and review it quickly.
  14. User can submit report on copyrights when certain that someone violates User’s copyrights. User can report to us via email: copyright@ars.place.

Intellectual Property

User is required to obey the caluse on Intellectual Property Rights. Please note that the requirement of laws can be different in each country. For complete information on Intellectual Property Rights, User can visit website of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) http://www.wipo.int/portal/en/index.html. If User is certain someone uses User’s copyrighted works without permit, User can send complaint to email: copyright@ars.place. Ars. cannot give legal advice, hence User is advised to consult with a lawyer for further questions on copyrights.

Data Policy

  1. Ars. does not claim ownership rights on content of User, but User hereby declares approval and agreement to give license to Ars. royalty-free, transferrable, sub-licensable, and valid worlwide to host, use, distribute, change, run, copy, air publicly, translate, and make derivative works from User’s content. User can end this license anytime by deleting the content or account of User according to the applicable procedures on Site/Application of Ars..
  2. We collect information on how User use our Service such as types of content, features that are used, frequency, and activity duration of User.
  3. We collect content on communication and other information that User gives when User registers an account, makes or shares content. This can cover information in or about content that User gives (like a metadata), such as photo location or creation date of a file.
  4. We collect information on other account that interacts with User.
  5. We collect information on how User uses our Service, such as types of content that User sees or involves in the interaction of User; features that User uses; action that User takes; other account that User aims in interaction; along with time, frequency and activity duration of User.
  6. We collect information from and about technology devices that User uses such as computer, cellphone, connected TV, and devices connected to web that User uses that is integrated with Ars., and we incorporate the information in various devices that User uses. The information that we get from the device include: device attribute, device operation, identifier, device signal, data from device setting, network and connection, and cookie data.
  7. We use information on User’s activity to provide experience that is adjusted for User, develop and refine our Site/Application, including by solving problems in new feature.
  8. We use User’s information also for the purpose of measurement and User’s analytics. This is done to support activity of User in measuring User’s content performance.
  9. We use User’s information to verify account and activity, eradicate harmful behavior, detect and prevent spam and other bad experience, maintain our Service integrity, and increase safety and security inside and outside of Site/Application of Ars..
  10. We use User’s information to support research and innovation that will be done in the future for the comfort and interest of User.
  11. We do not share information of User to third party or outside party, unless in things elaborated in Privacy Policy.

Additional Rights

  1. User agrees that we can download and set update in Application of Ars. in User’s device.
  2. User can only use our intellectual property and trademark or other similar signs through ways allowed by Brand Guidelines or with written permit from us.
  3. User should have written permit from us or permit based on open source license, to change, make derivative works from, elaborate, or try to extract our source code.

Help Center

Help Center is a feature provided by Ars. to facilitate questions on Service, how to use Service for User, and troubleshooting of transaction between Creator and Patron.
  1. Refund
    1. Service that is given by Ars. is marketplace where Patron can pay Creator using Ars. Service.
    2. The initial step that can be used by Creator or Patron is contacting Ars. via email refund@ars.place.
    3. Patron can file for Refund within a maximum time period of 1 x 30 days since the transaction is made.
    4. Ars. will hold transaction fund in Creator Balance until the problem reported to Help Center is solved.
    5. In the use of this feature, Creator and Patron are expected to give evidences of payment transaction in the form of photo for each argument made by each party.
    6. Troubleshooting through Help Center can be a solution made based on mutual agreement between Creator and Patron.
    7. If Creator does not give an answer within 2 x 24 hours since the troubleshooting question is sent by Ars. via email, the problem will be automatically solved based on solution submitted by Patron.
    8. If there is no agreement between Creator and Patron within 2 x 24 hours, Ars. has the rights to help solve the problem.
    9. In the case of Ars. helps solving the problem, Ars. has the authority to take decision on unfinished transaction problems caused by the lack of resolution agreement, between Creator and Patron, based on available evidences. Ars. decision is a final decision that is inviolable and binds Creator and Patron to obey it.
    10. Creator and Patron have the rights to appeal, under the condition that the party who made the appeal should submit new evidences apart from the previous evidences. On the appeal that is submitted, Ars. is authorized to take decision based on new evidence and final decision of Ars. applies in absolute for Creator and Patron.
    11. Ars. has the authority to cancel payment transaction and/or hold Creator Balance in the case of: (i)There is a violation against Point 6. Community Guidelines; (ii)There is a suspicious transaction and/or repeated transactions but there is no Content in Creator’s account.
    12. If Refund is agreed, the process will need processing time between 1 (one) and 10 (ten) work days.


If you have a dispute with one or more User, or a Third Party in relation to the service usage of Site/Application of Ars. that is not the mistake of Ars., User hereby releases Ars. (including Parent Company, Director, and staff) from all forms of claims and charges of material and immaterial loss (actual and implicit) from each type and character, known and unknown, arises from or with any way related to the dispute, but not limited to the loss that arises from the Content that is banned on Point 6. Community Guidelines. Therefore, User releases in purpose all legal protection (available in laws or other regulations) that will limit the scope of release regulation.


User will release Ars. from indemnity charges and keep Ars. (including Parent Company, Director, and staff) from each claim or charge, including reasonable legal cost done by third party, that arises when you violate this Agreement, the use of Ars. Service that is improper and/or your violation against law or the rights of third party.

Legal Option

This agreement will be regulated by and translated according to the laws in Republic of Indonesia, without noticing legal dispute. User agrees that any legal action or dispute that may arise from, related with or in anyway related with Site/Application of Ars., Terms and Conditions and/or this Agreement will be solved exclusively in the jurisdiction of Republic of Indonesia’s courts.


Terms and Conditions may be changed and/or renewed from time to time without prior notification. Ars. suggests that User reads thoroughly and check pages of Terms and Conditions from time to time to know any changes. By continuing to access and use the service of Ars., User is considered agreeing to the changes in Terms and Conditions.