Privacy Policy
Last updated 30 March 2020
This Privacy Policy is a commitment from Ars. to respect and protect each data or personal information of site users, its derivative sites, and Ars. application (heretofore will be called as “Ars.”, “Us”, “Platform”).
The Privacy Policy (along with Terms and Conditions) set the basis on the getting, collecting, processing, analyzing, outlook, opening, and/or all types of management related to data or information that User gives to Ars. or that Ars. collects from User, including User’s personal data, either when User registers on Ars., accesses Ars., or uses services in Ars. (heretofore will be called as “data”).
By accessing and/or using Ars. service, User declares that each data of User is a correct and valid data, and User gives approval to Ars. to get, collect, keep, manage and use the data as mentioned in the Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions of Ars..

Getting and Collecting User’s Data

Ars. collects User’s data with the purpose to process transaction of User, manage and expeditethe usage process of Ars. Site/Application, and other purposes as long as they are allowed by legal regulations. Data of User that is being collected is as follows:
  1. Data yang diserahkan secara mandiri oleh Pengguna, termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada data yang diserahkan pada saat Pengguna :
    1. Data that is independently submitted by User, including but not limited to data that is submitted when User :
    2. Contacts Ars., including through customer support;
    3. Fills in survey that is sent by Ars.,or on behalf of Ars..
    4. Interacts with other User through features of message, rating, etc.
    5. Uses services in Site/Application, including detailed transaction data such as paid product or service, payment channel being used, number of transaction, date and time for transaction, and other transaction detail;
    6. Fills in payment data when User does payment transaction activity through Site/Application, including but not limited to data of bank account, credit card, virtual account, instant payment, internet banking; and/or
    7. Use feature that needs access permit to User’s device.
  2. Data that is recorded when User uses Site/Application of Ars.,including but not limited to:
    1. Data of real location or estimation, such as IP address, Wi-Fi location, geo-location, etc;
    2. Data of time from each User’s activity, including registration, login, transaction, etc;
    3. Usage data or User’s preference, such as interaction of User in using Site/Application of Ars.,choices that are saved, and selected setting. The data are obtained using cookies, pixel tags, and similar technology that creates and maintains unique ID.
    4. Device’s data, such as the type of device used to access Site/Application, including hardware model, operating system and version, software, file name and version, language option, unique device ID, ad ID, serial number, device movement information, and/or cellular network information;
    5. Data record (log), including record on server that receives data such as the device’s IP address, date and time of access, application feature or longest seen, application work process and other system activity, browser type, and/or third party service site that User uses before interacting with Site/Application of Ars..
  3. Data obtained from other sources, including :
    1. Business partners of Ars. where User creates or accesses the account of Ars., such as social media service, or site/application using API Ars. or what Ars. use;
    2. Provider of marketing service;
    3. Sources that are available publicly.

Data Usage

Ars. can use the whole or a part of data obtained and collected from User as mentioned in previous part as follow :
  1. Process all types of activity or transaction request made by User through Site/Application.
  2. Provision of features to give, realize, maintain and fix our products and services, including :
    1. Offer, obtain, provide, or facilitate platform service through Site and/or Application.
    2. Allow feature to personalize User’s Ars. account, such as Subscribe and Saved, and/or
    3. Do internal activity needed to provide service on Site/Application of Ars.,such as solving software problem, bug, operational problem, data analyzing, testing, and research, and to monitor and analyze the tendency of usage and activity.
  3. Help User during communication with Ars. User Service, including to:
    1. Check and solve problems of User;
    2. Direct the question of User to User Service officer who is fit to solve problem; and
    3. Monitor and fix response of Ars. User Service.
  4. Contact User via email, letter, telephone, fax, etc, including but not limited to, to help and/or complete transaction process or troubleshooting process.
  5. Use information obtained from User for the purpose of research, analysis, development and testing of product to improve safety and security of services on Site/Application, and developing new feature and product.
  6. Inform User on product, service, promotion, study, survey, news, latest update, event etc, either through Site/Application or other media.
  7. Do monitoring or investigating suspicious transactions or transaction that is indicated to have element of fraudor violation against Terms and conditions or the laws, and do necessary action as a follow up of monitoring or investigation result on the transaction.
  8. In certain condition, Ars. may need to use or reveal data of User for the purpose of law enforcement or to fulfill the valid legal and regulation requirement, including in the event of dispute or legal process between User and Ars..

Reveal of Usre's Personal Data

Ars. guarantees there will be no sell, transfer, distribution or lending personal data of User to other third party, without permission from User, except in things as follow :
  1. There is a need in the reveal of User’s data to partner or other third party that help Ars. in providing service in Site/Application of Ars. and process all types of User’s activities, including processing transaction, payment verification, etc.
  2. Ars. can provide relevant information to business partner according to User’s approval to use business partner service, including application or other sites that have integrate API or service, or business partnerin which Ars. has collaborated to deliver promotion or specialized service.
  3. Ars. can provide relevant information to consultant, marketing partner, research firms, or similar service provider.
  4. User can contact Ars. through public media such as blog, social media, and certain feature on Site, communication between User and Ars. may be seen publicly.
  5. Ars. can share information ofUser to its subsidiaries and affiliates to help provide service or data processing for and on behalf of Ars..
  6. Ars. reveal User’s data in an effort to fulfill legal obligation and/or there is a request from law enforcement officials.


  1. Cookies is a small file that automatically takes space in a device of User that runs function in keeping preferences or configurations of User when visiting a site.
  2. Cookies are not allocated to be used when accessing other data that User has in computer device or application, apart from what User has agreed tobe delivered.
  3. Although automatically the computer device/ application of User will receive, User can decide choices to modify through the setting of browser or application of User by opting to reject cookies (this option can limit optimal service when accessing Site/Application of Ars.).
  4. Ars. uses Google Analytics Demographics and Interest feature. Data that we gain from the feature, such as age, sex, interest of User etc, will be used for the development of Site/Application and content of Ars..If User does not want their data are tracked by Google Analytics, User can use Add-On Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser.
  5. Ars. can use the features provided by third party to improve service and content of Ars., including among others adjustment and penyajian of advertisement to each User based on interest or visit history. If User does not want ads are shown based on the adjustment, User can set it through browser.

Choices of User and Transparency

  1. Cellular device in general (iOS, Android, etc) has setting that Ars. application can not access certain data without the approval of User. iOS device will give notification to User when Ars. application asks access for the first time on the data, while Android device will give notification to User when Ars. application is installed for the first time.By using application and giving access to application, User is considered giving approval to Privacy Policy.
  2. User can access and change information such as username, email address, telephone number, birth date, sex, list of address, price for Patron, and bank account through Setting feature on Site/Application of Ars.
  3. User can withdraw from information or notification made by Ars. through the Setting feature in Site/Application of Ars.. Ars. can still send messages, notifications oremail in the form of transaction information or related information on User’s account.
  4. As far as the regulations allow, User can contact Ars. to withdraw approval on getting, collecting, storing, managing, and using the data of User. If such thing happens, User understands the consequences that User cannot use the services in Site/Application of Ars.

Storage and Deletion of Information

Ars. will store information as long as the User’s account remain active and can carry out deletion according to the legal regulations that are valid.

Update of Privacy Policy

Ars. can carry out change or update anytime on the Privacy Policy. Ars. suggests that User reads thoroughly and check pages of Privacy Policy from time to time to know any changes. By continuing to access and use Ars. services and other Ars. services, User is considered agreeing to the changes in Privacy Policy.