For Creators
Creator Earnings
Only after you are accepted in Ars. Partner Program, you can earn money through Payments Feature.
Payments Feature will appear on your Account page on Ars. website.
This is how it works
  1. You set your membership price. Example, if it's IDR 20,000.
  2. Your Patron will pay IDR 20,000. Payment process fee varies based on how you pay.
    e.g. Your Patron payment method is using Gopay (payment process fee = 2% = IDR 400).
  3. Net Revenue = membership price (IDR 20,000) - payment process fee (IDR 400) = IDR 19,600.
  4. You will have 90% (percent) of the Net Revenue, in this case it’s IDR 17,640.
    This will be shown in the Creator Balance.
  5. To pay out the money from your Creator Balance to your bank account, you need to have the minimum of IDR 250,000.
There are 3 different fees on Ars.
  1. Payment process fee
    Payment process fee is an expense that must be paid each time it’s processed through an electronic payment. Payment process fee covers the cost of processing payments from your Patrons, including payment with bank transfer, credit card, Gopay, recurring billing, recovering declined payments, and also for fighting fraud.
    Payment processing fee varies, while others are fixed, depends on your Patron’s payment method. (e.g. via bank transfer or credit card or Gopay). It also means that every bank has a different fee.
    Payment processing rates :
    • Gopay : 2%
    • Indonesian Bank Transfer : IDR 4,400
    • BCA Virtual Account : IDR 2,750 + 2,200
    • Credit Card & Recurring : 2.9% + IDR 2,200
    *this fee can change anytime, based on the payment gateway and bank rate.
    The payment process fee will be charged from the membership price that you set in every transaction
  2. Platform fee
    This is the fee for Ars. on giving services by being a platform. The platform fee of a successfully-processed payment is 10% (percent) of Net Revenue.
  3. Pay out fee
    This the fee for transferring money from your Creator Balance to your bank account. This fee varies depending on how you pay out your creator balance.
Pay out
You need to have the minimum of IDR 250,000 on your creator balance to be able to pay out. There are no penalties or deadlines as to when you are supposed to reach the minimum balance. The money you have made is all yours to keep until you reach the minimum balance.
Pay out Process
Ars. processes payments on the 1st of every month. We will check whether your Creator Balance has reached the minimum on every end of the month before. When you withdraw your Creator Balance on Ars., it typically takes 1-10 business days to reach your bank account, depending on your payout method of choice.
You are responsible for reporting your own tax payment. We do not handle you tax payments. We recommend that you consult with a tax professional to learn about your particular country, and your particular circumstances.