Topic - Augmented Reality Objects

Augmented Reality Object is an interactive experience between a real-world environment and virtual content as seen through your phone's camera.

The digital content may be accessed by scanning a designed surface with our app in real-world with a mobile device that supports the feature.

With Augmented Reality Object, people can try placing a 3D object of anything, furnitures, characters, products, from whereever they are.

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In this way, Augmented Reality alters one's ongoing perception of a real-world environment by placing a virtual object, while Virtual Reality completely replaces the user's real-world environment with a simulated one.

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Augmented Reality Image needs a trigger image. When the registered image is scanned with the app, a video or 3D object will appear.

Augmented Reality Object doesn't need a specific trigger, but is placed in a surface. To place the 3D, people must scan their surrounding surface and it will be used as the object location after the surface is detected.

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