Designers policy

Designer may join Ars. for Designers Membership. Subject to the Ars. Terms of Use (including the Acceptable Use Policy) and this Designers Policy, Designers can use the features made available on our Platform to promote their business. By joining, you acknowledge and agree to each of the following:

a. Authorised Person.

You are a principal or employee authorised to create Ars. for Designers Membership for the relevant company.

b. Accurate Information.

i. You will provide accurate, truthful, and complete information regarding your business, and keep all business information up to date;
ii. You will create only one Professional Profile for each location of your business;
iii. You will pick a business category that accurately describes your products and services; and
iv. Professional Profiles created for business categories not supported by Ars. will be removed without notice.

c. Licence Information.

If your profession or business requires licensure, you agree to provide all licensing information necessary to advertise your business online on Ars. In addition, you represent that any licensing information you provide is accurate and up to date.

d. Collections.

You agree that any Collections/Medias/Assets posted on your Ars. for Designers' Profile represent your own work, and you will not claim credit for the work of others.

e. No Guaranteed Placements.

The appearance of your Profile in Ars. search results is not guaranteed and is dependent on a number of factors, including without limitation the popularity and volume of photos, reviews, and user interactions. Ars. does not guarantee specific placements on Ars. except as part of paid marketing packages.

f. Reviews.

In the future, customers may review your company on your Profile. You understand and agree that while all reviews must follow our Review Policy, Ars. does not remove negative reviews that do not violate our Review Policy, regardless of whether a Designer is a paying customer or not, except as may be required by law.

g. Removal.

Pursuant to our Terms of Use, If you deactivate or permanently delete your Profile, subject to applicable law, any postings, reviews, photos, or comments you submitted prior to deactivation or deletion may remain published on the Site after deactivation or deletion.

h. Customer Data.

Personal data collected with respect to the Designer will be handled by Ars. in accordance with the Ars. Privacy Policy, which is incorporated by reference. To the extent that you receive personal information through our Platform ("User Data"), you may use the User Data only for the intended purpose for which it was provided, i.e. to respond to the applicable person in a timely manner or as otherwise authorised by the User. You shall protect the confidentiality of User Data and use appropriate security safeguards to protect User Data. You may share such User Data only to the extent authorised by the person to which such Personal Data relates or to your sub-contractors, provided that you are responsible for ensuring the subcontractors' compliance with this provision. Without limiting the foregoing, you shall not sell User Data.

i. Communications Preferences.

When you create an account on Ars., please note that any prior communications preferences you may have conveyed to Ars. will not be transferred to your Ars. account.

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